Vietnam’s national automaker Vinfast has appointed famed Italian car designing company Pininfarina to develop the nation’s first sedan and SUV models. The decision was based on the best design concept, of which 20 submissions were made by various world-famous design houses.

To exercise transparency, Vinfast asked customers to vote for submissions which they thought were “in line with world trends” and fitting with “Vietnamese tastes and demand.” Nearly 62,000 participants voted in the contest, and the sedan and SUV concepts by Pininfarina received the most votes. It’s clear as day why Pininfarina won the bid, considering the level of originality seen in the admittedly impressive sketches.

“The direct involvement of Pininfarina, one of the world’s biggest design brands, is expected to bring modern beauty while retaining Vietnamese identity to the first two Vinfast car models,” said Quang Viet Nguyen, vice president of Vingroup, the country’s leading property developer.

Vinfast hopes to be the top car manufacturer in ASEAN, making 500,000 cars per annum by year 2025. It expects to produce 100,000 to 200,000 vehicles per year in the first phase, with a range that will include a sedan, seven-seater SUV and electric-powered motorcycles. The company aims to launch its first car by September 2019.

To accelerate growth, Vinfast plans to purchase blueprints of car engines and primary mechanical systems from top European and American designers. Vingroup has also appointed James B. DeLuca, the former executive vice president of General Motors, as its general manager. DeLuca will be in charge of the construction, operation and development of the automaker’s SUV and sedan segments.

What do you think of this announcement and targets, folks?