The Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar is already becoming one of the world’s most extreme road cars, but clearly Gaydon thinks there are those who will find it a bit too tame. That’s because it has unveiled the new Valkyrie AMR Pro at the Geneva Motor Show – the track-only monster is set to dethrone the recently revealed McLaren Senna GTR as the playboy’s ultimate plaything (at least of the mechanical variety).

Key to raising the “standard” Valkyrie’s already insane performance targets is downforce, and lots of it. All of the car’s aerodynamic surfaces have been redesigned, with the most obvious being the wider bodywork with much larger front and rear wing elements – these work with the revised active aero control setup, tailored for the demands of track driving. The result is more than double the car’s 1,000 kg weight in pure downforce.

Stripping the Valkyrie of its road car requirements also enabled Aston to strip some weight off its already lean body. The heater/de-mister blower and infotainment screens are gone, and the heated windscreen as well as the side windows are now made of polycarbonate. Carbon fibre wishbones, moulded race seats and a lighter exhaust system also contribute to the low figure.

That’s not all – the 6.5 litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine’s emissions control systems and electric Energy Recovery System (ERS) have been retuned to produce a power output of over 1,100 hp, giving the AMR Pro a power-to-weight ratio far exceeding the magic 1:1 figure. Even in high-downforce configuration, this enables the car to hit 362 km/h, but more impressive is a maximum lateral acceleration of over 3G.

Aston will build just 25 AMR Pro models, with the first units expected to be delivered in 2020. Unfortunately for those intending to snag one, all cars have already been sold.