Since the tie-up with Geely was announced, Proton has been undergoing a quality improvement programme using an assessment system based on Volvo’s global scoring criteria. The national automaker says that since the start of the programme, gains have been made on this front.

In December 2017, an audit was performed by Geely and showed a remarkable threefold improvement. The company says that with further improvements being gradually introduced, it is confident of achieving an improved score in an upcoming audit to be carried out later this month.

Aside from quality, which has seen specific models and areas targeted for improvement, new initiatives have also been introduced for sales and marketing, and continue to be carried out. It added that testing for its first SUV, which will be based on the Geely Boyue, is gathering pace towards the vehicle’s launch in the fourth quarter of this year.

Proton also said that its February 2018 sales were equivalent to a 9.6% share of the overall Malaysian automotive market. The majority of sales was accounted for by the Saga, Persona, Exora and Iriz.

The latter is the focus of the My Style, My Drive campaign it is introducing this month at all its sales galleries nationwide. Customers are invited to rediscover the compact hatchback through a test drive to appreciate new features introduced to the car in last year’s update.