Proton, as part of its major turnaround plan, has announced that it will push for more dealerships to be upgraded to 3S or 4S facilities. As of May 18, approximately 79 outlets have achieved the 3S/4S status, which equates to 72% of the 109 dealerships targeted for the year.

According to Proton, it is nearing the goal earlier than expected. Company CEO, Li Chunrong said “this is absolutely good news, a wonderful moment for Proton, and with the upgrading taking place, we are confident that we are on steady grounds to provide world class excellence by delivering best sales and service experience for our customers.”

Li also said “I wish to thank new investors who joined us as dealers of the Proton family. While all of us were tirelessly making plans to drive Proton forward, we are very encouraged by the fact that we have the support of new investors along the way, who are game to take on the challenge of being a Proton dealer.”

“This can only mean one thing – that we still have strong brand presence in the market and because of this, many came on board to sail on the Proton journey into the future with us. Thank you for believing in us. Now we can all charge ahead and be the driving force of the brand,” he added.

Proton’s vice president of sales and marketing, Abdul Rashid Musa said “everywhere, business are focused on customer satisfaction to ensure sustainability, and Proton is definitely gaining momentum to reap rewards in the future from current plans that have been put in place. For this reason, I encourage dealers to upgrade their outlets to 3S and 4S so that we could all be in a thriving business together and progressively benefit from it.”

Proton dealer Datin Fauziah Ahmad said “we need to upgrade further to be in tandem with the standard requirements, but most importantly we understand the need to upgrade as we needed to portray a better appearance and image for the product, the Proton brand and the upgrade to a 3S outlet will ultimately serve its purpose as we will be able to serve customers better.”

Proton’s first SUV will be based on the Geely Boyue facelift

Another dealer, Dato Sri Ngu Ung Yong said “Proton is our national car and it is our duty to make it successful again. Moreover, with the partnership with Geely and new management, we trust Proton is in a good position for a turnaround.” Ngu will be upgrading his premise to a 4S outlet.

The upgrading works are being done in anticipation of Proton’s upcoming SUV model, which will come with features like adaptive cruise control and an autonomous emergency braking system.

Currently, Proton is still taking applications for those interested in operating a dealership, although the number is very limited. “Proton received overwhelming response from dealers who are keen to upgrade their dealer outlets to 3S and 4S, in addition to requests by new dealer investors who are confident of the direction and future of Proton,” said company head of network planning, Dr Ho Tuck Sum.