Brace yourselves, as there will be more unique number plate series coming our way in the future. Following the introduction of the new ‘Malaysia’ number plate series, transport minister Anthony Loke said there are plans for more plate series for individual states such as Selangor, Perak, Johor, Penang and many more.

So, if you’re a long-time Selangorian and you’ve been waiting to place ‘SELANGOR 1’ on your ride, it’s only a matter of time before the Road Transport Department (JPJ) makes it a reality. As reported earlier, any buying of number plates from now onwards must go through JPJ (instead of NGOs) as it is a form of revenue for the government.

Loke didn’t reveal which state-type plate series will be offered first, but said introductions will only begin once the ‘Malaysia’ plate series was completed (results to be announced on August 23, 2018). He added that the rollout of these state plates could take place as soon as September or October. Interested parties will likely have to submit their bids online, in line with the transport ministry’s plans for an electronic bidding system to replace the current, manual-based one.

With individual states getting their own plate series, which one will you be looking forward to the most?