MSF and TOC kick off new Apprenticeship programme

MSF and TOC kick off new Apprenticeship programme

After signing a partnership deal, Malaysian Speed Festival (MSF) and TOC Automotive College have kicked off their 22-week long technical programme, otherwise known as the MSF-TOC Apprenticeship Programme.

The course, which started on June 20, saw nearly 80 students/participants keen on learning about the country’s biggest homegrown motorsports event that is MSF. As with most programmes, participants will have to learn the basic theories involved in motorsports, covering aspects pertaining to safety and regulations (divided into Sporting and Technical Regulations).

Participants were also exposed to the various categories in MSF, from Saga Cup to the Super 1000 Superbike series. All this is so they will each know what the programme entails, and further prepare them for practical aspects of the course – the latter provides hands-on track experience in MSF, which will help students form career decisions, be it on the national or international scene.

MSF and TOC kick off new Apprenticeship programme

On the subject of career opportunities, participants need not restrict themselves to the typical meat and potatoes of motor-sporting. There are many other roles that form a race, such as Race Control Officials, Race Scrutineers, Timekeepers, Gridding Marshals, Team Manager, Engine Tuner and more.

By the end of the 22nd week, the students will be well-versed with the organising side of motorsports, as well as equip themselves with technical and mechanical understanding of a racing team.

Strategising is one of the most crucial elements in motorsports, so the course will also touch on chassis and suspension dynamics, body lightening and strengthening, gearbox and gear ratios as well as tyre and fuel strategy. This segment incorporates specialist guest speakers for both car and bike racing events.

With this Apprenticeship Programme, MSF and TOC plan to open up more career opportunities and give the motorsports industry a boost, thereby growing and making it enjoyable for all parties. For more info, visit MSF’s official website here.

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