The launch of Proton’s first ever SUV is upon us. You’ve seen multiple photos of its donor car, the Geely Boyue, and you also know that the SUV will come with a chockfull of features, namely voice command, adaptive cruise control, 360-degree three-dimensional view and Autonomous Emergency Braking. But what about its design?

Well, we recently had a chat with Geely Design’s design director Guy Burgoyne, who said “I think it’s fair to say that – it’s obvious that when we developed the Boyue to start with, the knowledge of the synergy with Proton was on the table. We have some very happy coincidences.” Of course, one of the coincidences is the feline element – the Boyue’s design was inspired by a leaping cat, and Proton is a car brand with the tiger motif.

Guy also said despite having a globally desirable product, he thinks he can still deliver some local flavours that are appropriate for Proton. And no, the designers won’t stick a keris or anything jarring like that.

Proton’s chief designer Azlan Othman also added: “It will have a unique story to it, when we showcase our version of the Boyue. It will have that relationship to our heritage, our culture. It may not be very large like Guy mentioned, we shouldn’t have a piece of keris stuck on the car, but the notion of having these characters – that’s the uniqueness that will make us Malaysian, in that sense.”

Are you excited for the Proton SUV? If Tun Dr Mahathir is impressed, maybe you will be too. Thoughts?

GALLERY: Geely Boyue facelift