Some of you might be wondering, with Geely now in the picture, plus the imminent arrival of the Geely Boyue-based Proton SUV, what will happen to the existing range of Proton cars in terms of design?

Well, as it turns out, the current Proton cars will in fact benefit, design-wise, from this Geely-Proton partnership. Proton’s head designer Azlan Othman said “for sure, you want to make sure that the icons of Proton continue to thrive going forwards and we can’t leave them the way they are today. They have to progress as well.

“They [the cars] have to continue certain legacies that the new products will set, so the new tone will definitely filter down to the existing products,” explained Azlan. Now, we know that the Proton SUV will get ‘Malaysian flavours’ in the way of design, but exactly how this new look will trickle down to current Proton cars remains unclear for the time being. Any ideas, guys?