The government is looking into the idea of building an alternative road in Sarawak which will bypass Brunei for the journey across the state to Limbang and into Sabah, Bernama reports.

According to works minister Baru Bian, one of the options under consideration at the moment was to utilise the Marudi-Lawas road as the route that will be diverted without going through Brunei. Such a move, he said, will make it far easier for motorists to make the journey.

At present, he said motorists had only one choice to travel between Miri and Limbang by land, which is by crossing Brunei’s borders. Currently, motorists have to pass through eight customs, immigration and quarantine (CIQ) checkpoints and must have their passports stamped 16 times if they drove to and from Sarawak through Brunei to Sabah.

“I do hope the present government would understand and agree to the implementation of this plan within the next five years,” he said, adding that the new route would bring positive impact to the affected areas and benefit the people staying in rural areas in Baram, Limbang and Lawas.

He added that one of the problems was the strict traffic laws imposed by Brunei regarding the use of tinted glass for vehicles. Last year, Limbang MP Hasbi Habibollah had voiced out the issue after many Malaysian motorists – especially those frequently travelling between Limbang and Brunei – were issued with summonses for tinted glass summonses, which ran up to RM180 per fine.