As part of their social outreach and corporate social responsibility, Malindo Airlines and local Triumph Motorcycles distributor Fast Bikes held out a helping hand to orphans from four orphanages. Dubbed the “Kawan Awan Sayap Impian” 135 orphans, as well as four terminally ill children were hosted to breakfast at Triumph Malaysia in Petaling Jaya.

The children were later escorted to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah airport by a convoy of Triumph riders, also known as the “RAT Pack” or Riders Association of Triumph. On arrival, the children were taken on joyride flights around city airspace at 2,500 feet, for many of them their first experience of flight.

RAT Pack members were generous with donations, along with sponsorship from Kenanga Investors and others. The event was organised with the help of Captain Nik Huzlan and the Rimba raid team.