Last week, Proton finally gave us our first look at the new X70 SUV, which features a few unique design elements to distinguish it from the Geely Boyue on which it is based on, as described by the company’s head of design, Azlan Othman. Rendering wizard Theophilus Chin has now applied some of those cues onto current Proton models, beginning with the Saga sedan.

At the front, the reimagined Saga adopts the X70’s grille that is shaped with inspiration from a bow. The dual slats within the grille are also gone and replaced with the brand’s “infinite weave,” an interlocking pattern inspired by designs found in Malaysian craftsmanship (batik, wood carvings). There’s also a new shape for the headlamps and a larger lower intake for the bumper.

Moving to the rear, the Proton badge that previously sat in the middle of the chrome trim linking the taillights is now gone. Instead, there’s just the Proton lettering present on a redesigned trim piece, which is the look you’ll find on the X70. The taillights have been lightly tweaked to accommodate this, and the spot for the number plate also gets new crease lines.

Further down, the rear fog light that sat in the centre of the bumper has been repositioned to the corners instead. The rest of the Saga shape remains as is, with light revisions like black side window frames. What do you think of this new look for the Saga should it ever receive a facelift? Should this new design philosophy be used for future models as well? Let us know in the comments below.