Rolls-Royce has lifted the veils off its new Privacy Suite, which was showcased in the Extended Wheelbase Phantom at the 2018 Chengdu Motor Show. The space offers rear occupants a completely isolated and soundproof cabin at the touch of a button, and it’s as luxurious as you can imagine.

Built to serve the world’s most influential and enigmatic individuals (men and women who demand the ‘luxury of privacy’ wherever they travel, according to Rolls-Royce), the luxury automaker created the Privacy Suite that balances function and luxury without compromising the space and comfort of rear passengers.

Separating the front and rear cabin is a huge piece of electrochromatic glass, allowing both sides to be visually separated by simply adjusting the glass opacity. The rear cabin, while hailed as the quietest in the world, gets even more sound absorption technology to deliver the highest possible levels of acoustic insulation.

This works via a frequency-specific compound that inhibits the transmission of conversations in the rear cabin to the front cabin. A fully integrated intercom system allows communication between the driver and rear passengers on demand. The rear passenger can use the intercom to open a direct line to the driver at the press of a button, but the driver needs to ‘call’ the rear occupants via a switch, who can choose to either answer or reject the communication.

Also, a large aperture controlled solely by the rear passenger allows documents or other objects to be passed between the front and rear cabins. This aperture, when open, will discreetly illuminate the object. There’s the Rear Privacy Curtains which allow full closure of the side and rear window, as well as Rear Privacy Glass.

Lastly, Rolls-Royce has fitted a Bespoke Rear Theatre Entertainment System that includes two high definition 12-inch display units, both of which are linked to the car’s connected software. Each screen comes with an HDMI port that allows synchronisation of personal devices, and can only be controlled and deployed from the centre console. Of course, the Starlight Headliner and Bespoke Clock come as standard.