Following the opening of the first Running Gear Competence Centre in Malaysia, Audi hosted the brand’s first-ever Tech Talk for owners to learn more about what it takes to keep their vehicles in top condition.

Located at the Audi Kuala Lumpur Service Centre, the Running Gear Competence Centre is a dedicated facility equipped with the latest technology, including recent additions to the existing line-up of wheel alignment and brake line tester machines. The Tech Talk agenda covered some of the brand new equipment such as tyre warmers, tyre changers and wheel balancer. Complementing the new hardware, the technicians have been trained by staff from Audi’s regional technical service centre.

“This is the first-ever Tech Talk for customers conducted by specialists in technical training and product support for the South-East Asian region for Audi fans to get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what Audi Top Service is really about,” said Daniel Watts, GM of aftersales, dealer development and training.

“A sizeable investment by our partner, Euromobil, on the Running Gear Competence Centre, was made to give customers the most precise and professional running gear set-up possible. This ensures the best quality drive with perfect alignment, balance, prolonging wear, and maximising fuel efficiency,” he added.

Participants were put through a series of interactive, hands-on stations involving the specialised equipment, under the guidance of experts. These included the noise analysis, wheel balancing and the run-out assessment, which measures the hubs and brake rotors.

Audi also highlighted its after-sales service initiatives, which includes more than 4,500 training hours a year for the service team, and Audi Top Service Shuttles, which have been deployed since 2017 to chauffeur customers from the service centre to their desired locations after dropping their vehicles off. Service clinics are also conducted nationwide to offer complimentary vehicle inspection, consultation and promotions on service packages.