2019 DUB Kia Stinger GT, K900 debut at SEMA show

2019 DUB Kia Stinger GT, K900 debut at SEMA show

After dropping a few teaser photos yesterday, the custom-built DUB Kia Stinger GT and DUB Kia K900 have finally been unveiled. Both are currently on display at the ongoing 2018 SEMA show alongside the Forte GT, Forte Drift Car and Telluride range.

The pair you see here were built in partnership with DUB, a popular aftermarket outfitter in the US that specialises in custom-made wheels. To start, the Stinger GT here is wrapped in satin Avery Brushed Steel with carbon-fibre accents, and it rolls on 22-inch staggered Dropstars forged wheels shod with 245/30 Nitto tyres up front and wider 265/30 rubbers at the back. Of course the fenders have to be flared out for the wheels to fit, and the bonnet is made from CF as well.

Inside, it gets a blood red leather upholstery that’s mixed with black suede for added contrast, and the dashboard is also finished in the same shade of red. The sporty colour scheme also extends to the steering wheel and boot space. Other upgrades include a custom exhaust system and air intake for added performance, as well as a custom-built audio system, LED lighting, under-bonnet dress-up kit, air suspension and DUBiR tinted windows.

Next, the K900 luxury sedan is spruced up with an Electric Blue wrap job, and all the chrome trims have been finished in gloss black. It also features air suspension, and here the flagship sedan rolls on humongous 24-inch TIS forged wheels with 275/25 Nitto tyres.

For the cabin, DUB gave it a more subtle restyle with Electric Blue highlights, as well as quilted black leather and suede upholstery. There’s a built-in remote-controlled LED headliner and lighting, DUBiR tinted windows, special multimedia audio system and MiFi internet connectivity. Like what you see here?

GALLERY: 2019 DUB Kia Stinger GT

GALLERY: 2019 DUB Kia K900

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