New automaker Automobili Pininfarina has just dropped never-before-seen images of its nearly-completed all-electric hypercar, codenamed the PF0. The all-wheel drive two-seater will offer approximately 1,900 hp and 2,300 Nm of torque, with the former being twice the output of a Formula One car. Performance-wise, the zero to 100 km/h time is said to be under two seconds; 0-300 km/h in 12 seconds; and the top speed is 402 km/h.

Company CEO Michael Perschke (former BMW and Audi boss) says the PF0 boasts a cruising range of at least 450 km, and it will be looking to provide a fast charging system that can recharge the car’s battery to 80% in just 40 minutes or less. The car will be built around a carbon-fibre monocoque, with battery packs (sourced from Rimac Automobili) positioned both between the front seats and behind the rear bulkhead.

Several reports have hinted that equipment for the production car will be outsource from well-established high-end manufacturers, which include components such as braking systems and seats.

The hypercar will be built entirely by hand in Turin, Italy (although the company is headquartered in Munich), with production limited to just 150 units worldwide. Of the 50 cars allocated for the North American market, over 35 units have already been reserved after the mock-up was shown to potential buyers. Another 50 will be allocated to the European markets, and the remaining 50 will be shared between the Middle and Far East markets.

What’s the cost to own such an exclusive hypercar? If you had to ask, it’s priced between two to 2.5 million pounds, which equates to between RM10.7 million to RM13.4 million. You’re basically paying for exclusivity though, because the company will be leveraging on existing technology rather than dumping money into developing proprietary technology. Automobili Pininfarina will instead focus heavily on overall interior and exterior design, including fit and finish.

The birth of the PF0 also signals the debut of the new ‘Pura’ design language, which emphasises elegance and simplicity instead of the aggressively modernist approach that influence most supercars of today.

Autocar, which had access to view a prototype up close, said the car features twin active rear spoilers that can also act as air brakes, but the production version’s spoilers will be modified to act as single unit. There’s also active aerodynamics on the car’s nose – the whole of the upper section of the cone acts as a spoiler which can lift up, and the rear diffuser is adjustable as well. To complete the package, the PF0 comes with a completely flat underbody.

The cabin design is not set in stone just yet, but a mock-up showed a cabin dominated by two display screens mounted high on each side of the steering wheel, directly in front of the driver.

Moving forward, Automobili Pininfarina, together with Pininfarina SpA, will invest 20 million euros (RM95 million) into the design, development and production of the PF0 and future models, of which include three SUVs introduced over a period of five years.

The baddest of the lot goes by the codename PF-One, which is a high-performance SUV with around 950 hp (with a 140 kWh battery pack) to rival the Lamborghini Urus. The remaining two SUVs will go against the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Macan respectively. A common modular platform will be employed, albeit designed and optimised to suit each model.

A company insider told the publication: “Pininfarina has always made very special cars, but usually for other people. When we have sold cars ourselves, like the Pininfarina Sergio, we have always done very well. It is not difficult to see what the next step should be. The cars will be exclusive and very beautiful.”

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