Legendary Italian scooter brand Lambretta has entered the Thailand market with two models, the 2019 Lambretta V200 at 99,500 Thai baht (RM12,658) and the 2019 Lambretta V125 which goes for 86,900 Thai baht (RM11,055). After being launched in Italy in June, Lambretta scooters are imported into Thailand by Dynamic Motors.

As can be deduced from the model name, the scooters are mostly identical save for engine capacity. The V125 uses an air-cooled single-cylinder engine displacing 124.7 cc while the V200 comes with a 169 cc power plant.

In terms of power output, the V200 produces a claimed 11.8 hp and 12.2 Nm of torque while the V125 comes with 10 hp and 9.2 Nm of torque. Power gets to the ground via a CVT gearbox and belt drive.

Suspended by a telescopic fork in front and monoshock at the back, the pair of Lambrettas roll on 12-inch wheels, fitted with 110/70 and 120/70 rubber, front and rear, respectively. While fuel carried in a 6-litre tan and under seat storage, LED lighting, USB charger and electric starting is standard for Lambretta.

Aside from engine capacity, the other big difference between the two Lambretta models is ABS, standard fitment on the V200 while the V125 does without. Combined braking is used on the V200 and V125 where the both the front and back brakes are activated when the rear brake lever is pulled hard.

For Malaysia, it was earlier reported in paultan.org that a Malaysian motorcycle distributor was in talks to import Lambretta to our shores, with negotiations “at a very early stage.” However, all seems to have gone quiet.