Honda S660 Neo Classic Racer is a cool retro concept

Honda will be heading to the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon with a number of new creations, and one of them is the S660 Neo Classic Racer concept. This one is an evolutionary study of the Neo Classic styling kit introduced for the car earlier this year following positive response garnered for it when it was first shown as a prototype at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

The Neo Classic Racer continues on the revised front of the Classic styling kit, though the round headlights are now less obvious, hidden under the Racer’s new grille, which has been extended to provide a working protective cover for the illumination units. There’s also a new front bumper, featuring a prominent lip.

Other revisions include the widened fender flares, a new rear spoiler extension as well as a revised rear deck cover, reinterpreting things in fastback fashion. Neatly, the deck’s window has been styled to display the outline of the Honda emblem. Elsewhere, historical homage elements include leather hood fastening straps and fender mounted rear-view mirrors.

No mention of mechanical changes, so underneath all that new skin should be the car’s familiar 660 cc turbocharged three-cylinder petrol with 64 hp and 104 Nm. And though the interior hasn’t been offered, the transmission on this one should be of the six-speed manual variety, in keeping with the racer presentation.

The automaker has certainly been finding ways to dress up the two-seat, Kei-sized sports car. It has also just announced the S660 Trad Leather Edition for the domestic market, and that one is also heading to the Tokyo Auto Salon next month.