There aren’t many interesting and/or enthusiast models not sold here but available in Indonesia. The Daihatsu Copen is one such car. The kei-roadster has been on sale in the republic since 2015 by PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), the official Daihatsu distributor which makes its money selling shiploads of Xenia and Sigra MPVs.

The Copen is ADM’s smallest but most expensive model, being a JDM import from Daihatsu’s home market. Even in Japan, the little Daihatsu isn’t everywhere you look – along with the Honda S660, it’s a rare two-door sports-bodied kei car, going against the grain of eking out maximum space from a tiny footprint.

But all good things come to an end, and the Copen’s time in Indonesia is up. ADM has confirmed that it will stop bringing in the Copen. “We stopped in 2019. From the start, the intention was to showcase that Daihatsu has such a model – it wasn’t for high volume and sales. Now, we focus on our current models,” ADM’s marketing director Amelia Tjandra told Kompas, adding that the roadster was aimed at hobbyists.

The ADM exec said that the local Copen population is in the hundreds at most, and the company will stop entertaining special orders, which was how the model was sold in recent years. Previous reports stated that in 2015, ADM sold 14 units of the Copen – four manuals and 10 with CVT autos. In 2016, the company sold two units with the stick shift.

This small group of owners are a lucky bunch indeed, as we don’t get such charity from Perodua. While it’s undeniable that low volume imports like the Copen are not worth the hassle in terms of ringgits and rupiahs, they foster brand fans and bring interest to the marque. Totally biased view from a consumer of Japanese coupes, of course.

The little convertible with interchangeable body panels is available in Japan in two regular styles – a sharp Robe dress (as seen here) and a cute Cero with round lights. At the recent Tokyo Auto Salon, Daihatsu displayed two special Copens – a limited edition hardtop Copen Coupe and the Copen GR Sport Concept, tuned by Toyota Gazoo Racing.

GALLERY: Daihatsu Copen GR Sport Concept at TAS 2019