Citroën has announced that it will be unveiling an “urban mobility” concept at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show next month. The car was confirmed by CEO Linda Jackson in a video previewing the VivaTech conference in Paris on May 16 to 18, where the company will premiere another concept based on its idea of “ultra comfort”.

A few teasers of the car were shown at the end of the video, which revealed some of the radical design cues, such as the slim, “floating” chevron-shaped head- and tail lights, expansive glazing, some orange bodywork and large brushed metal door mirrors with a a sizeable chunk of glass.

Jackson said that the company has worked with a number of French startups to “showcase its best innovation in digital or on-board customer experience.” The car will likely be a narrow, fully-electric city runabout, similar in vein to the Renault Twizy.

Head of marketing, communications and sport Arnaud Benolli previously told Autocar that the car will preview an affordable production model that will rekindle the spirit of the iconic, bare-bones 2CV, but with an eye towards urban rather than rural life. He said that the car will be “as important to Citroën as the 2CV was” as the company celebrates its centenary this year.