Old school is cool, and the more things change, the more people want them to stay the same. As our man Hafriz Shah points out, Mercedes-Benz tried to direct the attention of SUV fans towards more modern fare such as the GL and the Ener-G-Force concept, but it was the boxy, rough-and-ready look that the Gelandewagen diehards wanted.

And so the second-generation G-Class was presented to the world, along with the now-requisite AMG version here. This is a body-on-frame SUV that packs near-supercar engine outputs, and certainly is at least their equal in the attention-grabbing stakes, helped in no small part by its two-metre girth and stature.

Certainly from an Affalterbach-touched product, the G63 has the performance to match its brand, clocking the century sprint in 4.5 seconds; more than impressive for a 2.5 tonne ladder-frame SUV. Give it a good helping of throttle, and the G63 looks like it’s about to launch into a gallop.

It isn’t without its quirks, a by-product of adapting modern-day needs and desires to a structure that bears more than just a passing nod to the past. It does, however, deliver charm by the truckload, and its appeal goes well beyond logic. Watch the video here, for the full low-down on the G63.

GALLERY: Mercedes-AMG G63 in Malaysia