Well, I suppose it was fun while it lasted. It’s been confirmed that the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo won’t live on to see another generation, according to BMW chairman Harald Krüger. The man was on hand at a conference call to discuss all the good news from Munich’s first-quarter earnings, but it appears he was also the harbinger of bad news for the unloved sedan-cum-estate-cum-SUV.

In simple terms, Krüger said that “there will be no successor” – even though the also-unloved 5 Series GT has been reincarnated as the 6 Series GT – as the company looks to axe up to 50% of its drivetrain variants. Transitioning to flexible vehicle architecture from 2021 means that BMW will focus on what customers want the most, and judging by the 3er GT’s modest sales, it was probably not the most difficult of decisions.

The move is part of a series of measures that will save BMW over €12 billion by 2022, which also include leveraging synergies and efficiencies in purchasing and costs, cut down the development process for new modals by up to a third and using digital simulations on a much wider scale. That last bit will reduce the production of costly prototypes by as many as 2,500 units by 2024.

The 3 Series Gran Turismo was offered for sale here at one point, and BMW Group Malaysia even made the significant step of assembling the car locally. It was offered in two variants, the 320d diesel and 328i petrol, but the facelifted model, unveiled in 2016, was never brought over.

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