In less than 24 hours, Ferrari will finally unveil its latest hybrid V8 supercar. The automaker has taken to its social media platforms to drop a 10-second video teaser, showing us obscure digital sketches of the car’s design, with the most eye-catching one being the rectangular LED tail lights.

Not much is known of the supercar yet, but company CEO Louis Camilleri said it won’t be a limited-edition model but a production model with a “regular lifecycle.” A source familiar with the project said the car will get a V8 unit coupled with an electric motor, although some sources claim use of up to three electric motors for a combined system output of around 1,000 hp.

Speculations aside, Ferrari’s CTO Michael Leiters did say last year that the new offering, which will develop more power than the 488 Pista, will sit at the top of the automaker’s sports car range. Moving forward, Camilleri said Ferrari is aiming for 60% of its product portfolio to have hybrid variants by 2022, and a full-electric car will be launched after 2022.