Ferrari will be introducing a mid-engined V8 hybrid supercar this year, as revealed by CEO Louis Camilleri during an earnings call late last month, Automotive News reports.

Camilleri said the car will not be a limited-edition model but a production model with a “regular lifecycle.” This was reiterated by a source familiar with the project, who said that the new model will be a V8 unit coupled with an electric motor. The source added that the new car will not be unveiled in Geneva next month, but will make its debut later this year at a specific event.

Ferrari’s CTO Michael Leiters had said last year that the new offering, which will develop more power than the 488 Pista, will sit atop the automaker’s sports car range. Deliveries to customers are set to begin early next year.

Camilleri also said that Ferrari is aiming for 60% of its product portfolio to have hybrid variants by 2022, and that a full-electric car will be launched after 2022. He added that reaction and response to the planned Purosangue SUV has been very positive.

He said the company is projecting a positive outlook for 2019 as new launches begin their entry into the market. Among these are the “highly profitable” Monza SP1 and SP2 supercars, in which the first shipments will reach customers in the fourth quarter.

In 2018, the automaker sold 9,251 vehicles, and Camilleri said that while the automaker “may cross” the 10,000 mark in 2019, it is set to focus on revenues and margins rather than higher volumes in the coming future. “I wouldn’t anticipate that the volume growth would continue at that sort of pace,” he explained.