Subaru Malaysia (Motor Image Malaysia) has announced that it now offers a more comprehensive five-year/100,000 km warranty for new Subaru cars sold in the country, applicable to all vehicles registered from April 25, 2019 onwards.

While the company’s previous warranty package is of the same period/mileage, the coverage was limited for certain vehicle systems. In detail, items such as the car’s suspension, electrical, fuel, air-conditioning, airbags and safety restraints, exhaust and steering systems were only covered up to the third year of ownership. Only the engine, along with the drivetrain and transmission were covered up to the full five years.

With the new revised warranty programme, all these systems are now covered for the full period/mileage, which is five years/100,000 km – the company says this provides customers with better peace of mind during ownership.

There are terms and conditions, as you’d expect. Owners must follow the prescribed scheduled service intervals, and servicing must be carried out at authorised Subaru service centres. Additionally, owners who use non-genuine parts or perform technical modifications that are not approved by the company will not be eligible for the programme.