Opening today, the Gaiikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) is known for launching new models especially in the sub 250 cc motorcycle segment and one of the model rumoured to be shown is the 2019 Honda X-ADV 150. We are not quite sure what time the reveal will be and are awaiting news from colleague on the ground.

However, a photo of the rumoured X-ADV 150 has been leaked on the internet and we found it via Otomotifnet. From their report, what has been leaked is a screen capture from a Honda product video.

As many know, the X-Adv entered the market in 2016 as an adventure scooter powered by a two-cylinder 745 cc mill mated to Honda’s DCT twin-clutch automatic transmission. The adventure concept is delivered via accessories such as hand guards, engine skid plate and spoked wheels.

It is likely the X-Adv due to be launched at GIIAS will be a smaller sibling to the original X-Adv in a smaller chassis and engine but with the same adventure styling. There is no other information available at this time but it is possible the engine might come in a 250 cc or 150 cc format.

If it is a 150 cc, the Honda X-Adv 150 will become an immediate rival to current models in this segment such as the Yamaha NVX155, known in other ASEAN markets as the Aerox. Depending on price, this scooter has the potential to grab interest as what can be seen from the photo looks fairly attractive.