Maserati reveals its new four-year product roadmap

Maserati reveals its new four-year product roadmap

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) recently released its Q2 2019 results, which included a revised four-year roadmap for Maserati that is significantly different from earlier plans revealed in June last year.

In 2020, the Italian carmaker will introduce facelifted (or MCA as they company calls it) versions of its Levante, Ghibli and Quattroporte. Previously, Maserati planned to reveal all-new versions of the Levante and Quattroporte, as well as the Ghibli MCA in 2022.

With this new strategy, the Ghibli MCA has been brought forward by a year, while the next-generation Levante is pushed back another year to 2023. Only the Quattroporte is slated to be redesigned as per the previous roadmap, with a 2022 debut scheduled.

Maserati roadmap: new (left), previous (right)

Next year will also see the debut of an all-new Maserati sports car, with a coupe body style arriving ahead of a Cabrio version in 2021. While these models are unnamed (for now), they are likely the production Alfieri that has been in the works for several years now – the first concept appeared way back in 2014. Of course, this isn’t a certainty despite the suggestive signs, and Maserati could have a surprise waiting in store.

The year 2021 will also be a busy one for the carmaker, as it plans to reveal an all-new “D-UV,” a mid-sized crossover that slots beneath the Levante. The GranTurismo, which has been around since 2007, will finally enter a new generation, with a GranCabrio model joining the mix later in 2022 – both models were previously unmentioned.

Beyond the timeline for its new models, the roadmap also states that “all renewals and white-space products” will be available as battery electric vehicles, which covers the sports car coupe and convertible, plus the “D-UV.” There’s no mention of plug-in hybrid powertrains here, although it was found in the previous roadmap.

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