Shown at the recently concluded Art of Speed 2019 in MAEPS, Serdang, a Malaysian home-grown showcase of custom cars and motorcycles, were the BMW x Heiwa R nineT Scrambler, built with cooperation from BMW Motorrad and the Hot Dock STG Nautilus. Both custom motorcycles originate from the Land of the Rising Sun and have their own unique identity.

For those not familiar with the name Heiwa, builder Kengo Kimura stamps his own identity on each custom bike he fabricates, with the aim of giving his best to create a great looking motorcycle. According to those who know Kimura’s work, the R nineT Scrambler is very definitely in the mold of a build coming out of Heiwa.

Items such as the exhaust, seat, fuel tank, wheels and headlight are readily identified as custom parts but there is a lot more under the skin. For the frame, only the front portion is taken from the original BMW Motorrad R nineT Scrambler, while the frame portion holding the engine, seat and swingarm are made by Heiwa.

Heiwa workmanship has the trademark of being neat and if you were not told this particular bike has a custom-made frame, you might be forgiven for thinking it came out of the BMW Motorrad works in Germany. This vote of confidence was taken on board by BMW Motorrad and the Heiwa build was given official sanction by Munich.

Wheels for the Heiwa R nineT Scrambler are taken from the GS1200, shod in Metzeler Karoo 3 rubber and shortened handlebars, with control switches replaced by buttons and the instrument cluster relocated low and to the left of the boxer engine. While being a show bike, Kimura says the Heiwa R nineT Scrambler is rideable and hence, simpler than of his other builds.

In the more traditional custom cruiser shape is the STG Nautilus, the brain child of Hot Dock’s Keiji Kawakita. Kawakita is not just known in Japan but renowned across the world as one of the more innovative builders in the industry.

The STG Nautilus was actually completed more than 10 years ago but in some quarters, the design is timeless and will continue to be appreciated in the future. At first glance, the STG Nautilus looks raw and industrial with many surfaces and components left in a natural finish of aluminium, copper and cast iron.

However, the closer you get, the more details catch the eye such as small items like the brake caliper and cylinder head covers adorned with the Hot Dock name, things which are usually overlooked by most builders. Aside from the details, the quality of work shines through on the STG Nautilus.

GALLERY: BMW x Heiwa R nineT Scrambler at the Art of Speed 2019 Malaysia

GALLERY: Hot Dock STG Nautilus at Art of Speed 2019 Malaysia