MSF-Team Proton R3 Mentor Program & Ladies Racers Search 2019 – selected drivers and teams announced

MSF-Team Proton R3 Mentor Program & Ladies Racers Search 2019 – selected drivers and teams announced

Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF), which is partnering with Team Proton R3 to develop motorsports talent, has announced the list of drivers selected for the MSF-R3 Mentor Program and the MSF-R3 Ladies Racers Search.

“Team Proton R3 has always wanted to get closer and more involved at grassroots and club level and be part of the development of top-level motorsports knowledge in the country. We have so much knowledge to share with Malaysian racing teams and drivers, to raise the level of competition and improve the industry overall,” said Gary Lee, head of Team Proton R3.

As the only ‘factory racing team’ that has been consistently active in the Malaysian racing industry since its conception over 15 years ago, Team Proton R3 has always been fully staffed by Malaysians and operates at a level comparable to international factory motorsports team.

MSF-Team Proton R3 Mentor Program & Ladies Racers Search 2019 – selected drivers and teams announced

“MSF has always been about development the Malaysian motorsports industry, in all forms. MSF is really excited to be able to rope in Team Proton R3, as a showcase of the best of Malaysian racing team operations and development, and disseminate Team Proton R3’s top-level knowledge with the motor racing public,” said MSF Series principal Adian Yein, who was a pioneering member of Team Proton R3 in 2003 alongside Tengku Djan Ley and Khaidi Kamaruddin.

The drivers/teams selected for the MSF-R3 Racers Mentor Program are Mohd Hafiz Saad #248, Nik Shahrul Fadli Nik Mansor #141, Alban Raymond De Sauza #16, Muhammad Faishal Bin Othman #180 and Md. Shah Bin Hashim #387.

These drivers and teams – all using Proton vehicles – will be supported by Team Proton R3 personnel for the remaining three MSF SuperTurismo races for 2019. There’s no financial support involved, but Team Proton R3 will provide technical and set-up know-how to the teams before and during the race, with specific aims to improve their lap times and race performance.

As for the lady driver search for this year’s Sepang 1000KM race, the selected ones are Ng Aik Sha, Samanda Lee, Nurul Husna Nasharuddin, Nursharina Nor Ramlle, Dayangku Faratiwan Adnil Binti Awang Kusairi, Rozana Binti Rahmat, Umi Nasirah Binti Sulaiman, Zaidah Mohd Ishak and Nor Azirah Binti Mohd Azhar. All are racers currently participating in MSF.

The selected racers are fighting for a chance to be among three ladies selected to drive for Team Proton R3 at Sepang 1000KM, which will happen in November. The four-times winners will be fielding a third car this year, a factory-prepped Iriz reserved for the final trio.

Their activities start with an introductory classroom session and a tour of R3 facilities in Proton Shah Alam this weekend, getting to know the team personnel, as well as those from the technical and engineering side. All the best to the selected racers and happy racing!

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  • Proton R3 been making waves again since working with Geely Motorsport. The Proton’s motorsports division was nearly shuttered. Phew

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    • Would be more better if Proton spent their money to release the game changing Iriz EV instead. We have been waiting this game changer for 6 years

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      • Where is the Perodua Hybrid? No news for 16 years since the Kenari Hybrid in 2003.

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      • Lets See on Aug 16, 2019 at 2:59 pm

        Someone said Perodua is Toyota. Toyota have hybrid tech in use since 15 years ago. So we have been waiting game changer Perodua hybrid for 15 years but until now not coming so I will go for Proton hybrid car instead. Proton game changer is better than Perodua game waiting forever loading.

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    • Optimus on Aug 15, 2019 at 8:53 pm

      Like a Phoenix. RISE!!!

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  • Cute Chubby Yellow Shirts on Aug 16, 2019 at 1:47 pm

    Should starts racing kart training centre for girls at tender age if there are none at the moment.

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  • Really excited to see them with the R3 team.

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