The importance of forests in processing carbon dioxide is somewhat known, though mangrove areas are at least as important in that respect as other types of plants. Mangroves have the capacity to store four times more carbon mass than tropical forests, and as such they play a crucial role in the reduction of carbon dioxide or CO2, a key greenhouse gas.

Beyond its function for processing greenhouse gases, these plants also serve to protect coastal areas from strong sea currents, as well as being home to a broad array of marine life, as well as migrating birds. Participants also got to see a range of endangered birds on a river cruise along the Sungai Buloh river, such as the ‘Milk Stork’ (Myceteria Cineria) and the ‘Lesser Adjutant Stork’ (Leptoptilos Javanicus).

To that end, Edaran Tan Chong Motor held its third Nissan Nurtures Nature (NNN) campaign last month, which saw just over 60 participant comprising ETCM staff and customers plant a total of 310 mangroves to counter further environmental deterioration in the near future. Participants of the latest mangrove planting campaign also cleaned the surrounding area of waste, collecting 97 kg of refuse from that stint in total.

The NNN programme has been conducted from June 2018 in order for ETCM to integrate customers and their families, business partners, non-profit organisations as well as ETCM themselves to collectively make tangible, positive change to the environment and communities based on the 3R philosophy of reducing, recycling and reconnecting.