Even though BMW has its attention on electrification, the German carmaker is reportedly working on a new V8 engine, so the current N63/S63 duo may not be the last of their kind.

According to a report by BMW Blog, the new V8 will be revealed in about two to three years’ time, and be codenamed the S68. No specific details have been revealed yet, but it is said the mill is a heavily upgraded version of the S63, and will retain a twin-turbo, “hot V” setup.

Other rumours indicate the S68 will have a smaller displacement to circumvent higher taxes that are associated with larger engines like in China. There’s also the possibility of electrification to meet emissions regulations, although it isn’t known if BMW will go with a mild hybrid or plug-in hybrid setup, or even forgo the tech altogether.

The S68 could make its debut in an even more hardcore version of the current F90 M5, which many are calling the M5 CS. The model will slot in above the M5 Competition, and benefit from weight saving measures as well as more power from its new engine. As it stands, the M5 Competition currently has 625 PS and 750 Nm, so we’ll need to see how much more the S68 can deliver.

It’s been more than two years since the F90 M5 made its debut, and the Competition version arrived a year later. The facelifted version of the sports sedan is expected to arrive next year, which could be when the M5 CS will be revealed.