PLUS Malaysia recently announced that it has successfully reduced congestion by 48.2% at all its central region toll plaza exit lanes since it ended Touch ‘n Go reload services from August 1 this year. In light of this, the company will extend the “no TnG reload policy” to all its operated highways nationwide in the southern and northern regions soon.

According to PLUS, the implementation of the policy in the central region between Seremban and Ipoh South has seen a significant reduction in the number of drivers with insufficient balance in their TnG cards. This, in turn, resulted in less congestion that would have occurred as drivers attempted to reload their TnG cars at toll plaza exit lanes.

Bringing some statistics in for context, the company explained that on the first day of the policy being put into effect (August 1), daily congestion at toll exit lanes was a direct result of 5% of drivers with an insufficient balance.

With a daily average traffic volume of 850,000 vehicles, the 5% accounted for 42,500 vehicles that contributed to high congestion and time wastage. By the end of September, PLUS recorded an approximated drop from 42,500 vehicles daily to 22,000 vehicles where owners had an insufficient balance, representing a 48.2% decrease.

The company expressed its gratefulness towards motorists who ensured that their TnG cards were topped up prior to entering the North-South Expressway, and advised others to plan ahead to do the same. It added that the policy was also to ensure the safety of PLUS personnel as there have been cases of heavy vehicles driving through the booths at toll plazas.