The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has released vehicle sales data by brand for the month of September 2019. In total, last month saw its members shift 44,666 units, which is 6,482 units – or 12.7% – less when compared to the 51,148 units registered in August.

According to MAA, the decline is largely attributed to the number of public holidays that saw a shorter working month, as well as consumers withholding their purchases in anticipation of the Budget 2020 announcement. However, when compared to the volume for the same month last year, the total is 13,426 units – or 43% – more. This is due to September 2018 being right after the “tax holiday” frenzy, where car sales went into hangover mood.

Year to date, total industry volume for the first nine months of 2019 is at 442,991 units, which is 11,864 units – or 2.6% – less than the corresponding period in 2018.

Breaking down the figures by brand, we see that all main players saw sales fall compared to August – Perodua -15.4%, Proton -4.8%, Honda -24.1%, Toyota -2.5% and Nissan -7.3%. Behind perennial leaders P2, Proton seems to have solidified its grip on second place; its YTD lead over Honda is now 4,797 units, up from 1,864 units in August.

The gainers in September are Subaru +31.0%, Renault +43.8%, Ford +4.0% and Isuzu +0.5%, with Subaru’s big jump likely due to the introduction of the new Forester in late August. Renault is now dabbling in a car subscription programme, which may explain its boost. Mazda (-55.1%), Hyundai (-44.7%) and Mitsubishi (-22.4%) lost the most last month.

In the premium race, BMW had a good month with a 21.2% gain, in contrast with arch-rival Mercedes-Benz with a 8.0% drop, although the boys from Stuttgart are still leading the YTD race by around 400 units. Elsewhere it’s Volvo -6.3%, Lexus +4.0% and MINI -19.0%. Click on the table below to enlarge it.