2018 SST Car Prices Archive

  • SST: Mazda price list – 17 models now cheaper, including all in CX-3, CX-5, Mazda2 and Mazda3 range

    Bermaz has issued an updated price list for its Mazda model range available in the country, in line with the implementation of the sales and service tax (SST) on September 1. Pricing of most models are lower than when the goods and services tax (GST) – which was zero-rated in June – was in place.

    The lowest adjustments are for the Mazda 2, which is priced at RM74,670 for the mid-spec variant and RM92,670 for the LED hi-spec version, now RM196 and RM213 cheaper than before, respectively. The Mazda 3 range meanwhile sees prices dropping by more than RM1,900 across the board.

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    As for the Mazda 6, only the 2.0 Sedan sees a price reduction from that with GST, with the 2.5 litre petrol and 2.2 diesel variants seeing a price increase. The CX-3 and CX-5 SUV model range are all also cheaper than before, but there’s a bit of a hike in CX-9 pricing.

    Neat news for those looking at the MX-5 RF – the SST-based price for both manual and automatic versions of the car are now RM13,621 and RM13,921 less than they were with GST. With both versions now priced at RM222,277, they are actually cheaper than they were during the tax holiday period.

  • SST: Hyundai price list – Ioniq and Elantra cheaper

    Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors (HSDM) has announced an updated price list of Hyundai models currently on sale in the country, in line with the implementation of the sales and service tax (SST) on September 1.

    UPDATE: Following the initial SST price list update, HSDM has revised the pricing of the Elantra, which was previously unchanged from with GST are now . The story has been edited to reflect the changes.

    The SST-based list sees a slight reduction in price for five models compared to when the 6% goods and services tax (GST) was in place.

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    Both the base Ioniq Hybrid and Ioniq Hybrid Plus variants are now RM500 and RM600 cheaper respectively, and the three Elantra variants see a significant drop, and are priced as they were with zero-rated GST – the 2.0 Executive is RM6,500 cheaper, while the 2.0 Dynamic is RM6,700 less than before. Finally, the Sport costs RM7,400 less than it was before June 1.

    Gone from the new SST price list are the four model Tucson line-up and the Starex. As previously mentioned, the Sonata and Santa Fe are nowhere to be found, having been discontinued in anticipation of new models. The old Veloster has also been phased out, but we won’t be seeing its replacement, which has already been revealed for other markets. The company said it will update its price list when other newer models are launched.

  • SST: Kia price list – 8 models cheaper, no change for 2

    Naza Kia Malaysia has released an updated price list of its Kia models currently on sale in the country, in line with the implementation of the sales and service tax (SST) on September 1.The SST-based list sees a reduction in prices across the model range compared to that with the 6% goods and services tax (GST) in place.

    The Sorento 2.2 CRDi SX gets the largest reduction, being RM6,000 cheaper than it was priced with GST, and this is followed by the Optima GT, which is now RM5,000 less than it was prior to zero-rated GST coming into effect on June 1.

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    Elsewhere, the prices of the Sportage 2.0 CRDi GT Line, Sorento 2.4 EX and the Grand Carnival KX and SX variants have each been reduced by RM4,000, and the Rio 1.4 SX is now cheaper by RM1,000. There is however no change to the price of the Picanto 1.2 EX and Cerato 1.6 SX, both remaining the same as they were with GST.

    Prices for the Kia Stinger are not on this list just yet, as they are still awaiting approval from the MoF.

  • SST: Nissan price list – cheaper by up to RM5,400

    Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) has released its updated price list of Nissan models currently on sale in Malaysia, in accordance with the implementation of the sales and services tax (SST) on September 1.

    As the table shows, several Nissan models are now priced cheaper when compared to previous prices that was inclusive of the 6% goods and services tax (GST), with reductions of as high as RM5,400.

    It is important to note that SST-inclusive prices for a few models like the Navara have yet to be provided. According to ETCM, these models will remain at the zero-rated GST prices while stocks last.

    Meanwhile, certain models like the Teana, Sylphy and X-Gear are no longer present on the official Nissan Malaysia website. The company adds that after-sales services by Tan Chong Ekspres Auto Servis will be subjected to a 6% service tax for labour charge.

  • SST: Peugeot price list – cheaper by RM357 to RM1k

    In line with the implementation of the sales and service tax (SST) on September 1, Nasim has released an updated price list of its Peugeot models currently on sale in the country.

    Like it has been elsewhere, the updated prices aren’t close to that seen during the tax-holiday period, but the important thing is that the SST-based list sees a slight reduction in prices across the model range compared to that with the 6% goods and services tax (GST) in place.

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    In terms of specifics, the 208 PureTech is now RM357 cheaper, while the 2008 PureTech’s price has gone down by RNM806. Elsewhere, the 3008 Active and Allure variants are now RM1,000 cheaper than they were when priced with GST, and the 5008 seven-seater SUV is also RM1,000 less than it was before June 1, when GST became zero-rated.

    Two models last seen in the GST zero-rated price list are missing from the new one – remaining stock of the 508 and 208 GTi were cleared during the tax-holiday period, and those waiting for the new second-gen 508 will have to wait a little longer, because the car is only arriving sometime in the second quarter of next year.

  • SST: Mercedes-Benz price list – 19 models up, 6 down

    Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) has updated the prices of its Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG models that are currently on sale, in line with the implementation of the sales and service tax (SST) on September 1. The 10% sales tax takes over from the 6% goods and services tax (GST), which was first zero-rated in June and subsequently abolished.

    The revision sees a price hike for a number of models, from as low as RM1,000 for the GLC 200 to RM33,000 for the AMG E 63 S 4Matic+. In all, 19 models see a price increase as a result of SST being brought into play.

    There are price reductions for some models, six in total. The AMG GLC 43 4Matic is now RM3,000 cheaper than when GST was in place, and the locally-assembled W213 E-Class range – consisting of the E 200 Avantgarde, E 250 Avantgarde and E 250 Exclusive Line – have also seen a price drop, though in the case of the two E 250 variants, one has seen a bigger reduction than the other.

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    At launch, the E 250 Exclusive was more expensive than the E 250 Avantgarde, but it received a RM5,000 price drop in May as a result of a change in specification, bringing it to the same price point as the Avantgarde with zero-rated GST. With SST in place, the Avantgarde is now RM8,000 cheaper.

    A number of new models were introduced during the tax-free holiday period, including the Maybach S 560, AMG S 63 Coupe, S 560 Cabriolet, CLS 450, AMG GT C and E 300 AMG Line, and so there’s no previous GST-based price to compare them with. The CLA 200 and GLA 200 Night Edition variants are also new introductions.

    Elsewhere, the company said pricing of both E 300 AMG Line and S 450 L AMG Line models will be released separately, and the W205 C-Class and its AMG variants isn’t in this SST price list because there are no more units of the pre-facelift, and the facelift is only due here sometime in Q4. Likewise the A-Class, with W176 stocks all currently sold out – the all-new W177 A-Class is coming, and is now slated to make its local debut ahead of the C-Class’ arrival.

  • SST: Volvo Car Malaysia price list – same as with GST

    In line with the implementation of the sales and services tax (SST) on September 1, Volvo Car Malaysia has released an updated price list for its models currently on sale, all being locally assembled (CKD). The new prices are inclusive of the 10% sales tax imposed on motor vehicles.

    As you can see, there is no difference between GST-inclusive and SST-inclusive pricing for all models. The most affordable Volvo model, the V40 T5, retails at RM180,888 OTR without insurance, while the XC90 T8 Twin Engine Inscription Plus goes for RM413,888.

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    Based on price lists provided by car companies, the adoption of the SST has affected the pricing of models differently, with some going upwards, downwards, or in the case of Volvo, unchanged from GST-inclusive prices in the past. The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) had earlier suggested that car prices will increase with SST.

    It has been announced previously that SST will be set at 10%, the same as when it was replaced by the goods and services tax (GST) in April 2015. Car buyers enjoyed a “tax holiday” that lasted three months when the GST was zero-rated from June 1 earlier this year.

  • SST: Toyota announces new pricing – up to 1.04% less

    UMW Toyota (UMWT) has updated the pricing for its models following the implementation of the sales and services tax (SST) on September 1. It’s a mixed bag here, with the new prices of some models now lower than previous prices with 6% goods and services tax (GST), and vice versa.

    In terms of price reductions, models like the Vios, Fortuner and Innova are now up to 1.04% less than GST-inclusive prices. Meanwhile, other models such as the Corolla Altis, Harrier, Hilux and C-HR receive a hike of up to 3.7%.

    Among all the models, the Alphard 3.5 sees the largest increase in price by RM13,200 compared to the GST-inclusive price. The Vellfire 2.5 comes in second with RM11,200 added on top of its previous GST-inclusive figure. On the other hand, two variants of the Vios are now RM800 cheaper – the largest figure when it comes to reductions.

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    Interestingly enough, SST-inclusive pricing for the entire Sienta, Avanza and Camry line-ups (including the Camry Hybrid) isn’t on Toyota Malaysia’s website at the time of posting but we will update this space when/should it be made available.

    Several car companies have already released prices with SST in place, with more on the way. For now, it’s clear that not all prices are going upwards with the introduction of the SST, as suggested by Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA).

  • SST: MINI announces new price list – all JCW models up by RM7k, Countryman variants down by RM5k

    Alongside the new price list for its BMW models, BMW Malaysia has announced new prices for the local MINI model range following the reintroduction of the sales and service tax (SST) on September 1. The SST, set at a rate of 10% for sales tax, replaces the 6% goods and services tax (GST) that was zero-rated in June and subsequently abolished.

    Prices have gone up for the F54 Clubman range of models, the Cooper Clubman, Cooper S Clubman and John Cooper Works Clubman now RM4,000, RM5,000 and RM7,000 more expensive respectively than they were when GST was in effect.

    As for the F60 Countryman, two in the model range have seen prices go down, and these are the Countryman Sports and plug-in hybrid variants, both now RM5,000 less than they were with GST in place. The JCW Countryman, however, has become RM7,000 more expensive.

    Click to enlarge.

    The F56 3 Door and F55 5 Door facelifts as well as the JCW 3 Door, meanwhile, were launched during the tax-holiday period, and so do not have a GST baseline price, but with sales tax kicking in, prices for all three cars have gone up from when they were GST zero-rated.

    The new MINI price list also mentions prices with options. For example, there’s a Dinamica leather seat option for the 5 Door Cooper S, which adds RM5,000 to the selling price of the car. The three available JCW models, the 3 Door, Clubman and Countryman, have a panoramic sunroof option that adds a further RM9,000 to the total price in each case.

  • SST: BMW Malaysia price list – CKD cheaper, CBU up; X3 xDrive30i Luxury finally introduced at RM313,800

    BMW Malaysia has released a new price list for its local BMW model line-up following the re-implementation of the sales and service tax (SST) on September 1. The 10% sales tax takes over from the 6% goods and services tax (GST), which was first zero-rated in June and subsequently abolished.

    As has been the case with other companies that have announced new SST-inclusive price lists, bar one example, completely-knocked down (CKD) models are now priced lower with SST than previously when GST was in the equation.

    The 118i M Sport, 318i Luxury and X1 sDrive20i Sport are all RM3,000 less than when GST-inclusive, while both the 530i M Sport and 530e plug-in hybrid see a substantial drop in their prices, RM9,000 and RM15,000 less than with GST, respectively.

    Click to enlarge.

    Rather curiously, the X5 xDrive40e M Sport sees a slight price increase with the introduction of SST, now priced at RM390,888, which is RM2,000 more than when with GST. As for the company’s imported models like the X2 sDrive20i M Sport, M4 Coupe and M5, prices have gone up, by RM8,000 to RM12,000.

    Introduced during the tax-holiday period, the facelifted i8 Coupe’s price has gone from RM1,310,800 with zero sales tax to RM1,408,800 with SST in place, a RM98,000 increase. The introduction of SST prices also means that the G01 X3 xDrive30i has finally been formally introduced, sliding under the GST-era RM320k estimated pricing at RM313,800.

    A few models have also been discontinued, mostly in anticipation of next-generation models. These include the regular 118i Sport, 640i Gran Coupe (which will be replaced by the 8 Series Gran Coupe), X4 xDrive28i (replaced by the G02 X4), X6 M and M2 (replaced by the M2 Competition).


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