In line with the implementation of the sales and service tax (SST) on September 1, Nasim has released an updated price list of its Peugeot models currently on sale in the country.

Like it has been elsewhere, the updated prices aren’t close to that seen during the tax-holiday period, but the important thing is that the SST-based list sees a slight reduction in prices across the model range compared to that with the 6% goods and services tax (GST) in place.

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In terms of specifics, the 208 PureTech is now RM357 cheaper, while the 2008 PureTech’s price has gone down by RNM806. Elsewhere, the 3008 Active and Allure variants are now RM1,000 cheaper than they were when priced with GST, and the 5008 seven-seater SUV is also RM1,000 less than it was before June 1, when GST became zero-rated.

Two models last seen in the GST zero-rated price list are missing from the new one – remaining stock of the 508 and 208 GTi were cleared during the tax-holiday period, and those waiting for the new second-gen 508 will have to wait a little longer, because the car is only arriving sometime in the second quarter of next year.