Alongside those for Kia, Citroën and DS, Naza has also released new prices for Peugeot models without the six-percent goods and services tax (GST), which will come into effect on June 1. This coincides with government’s move to set GST to zero percent at the same time, ahead of the formal reintroduction of the sales and service tax (SST) sometime down the line.

With GST out of the picture, all models are cheaper by the tune of between RM4,915.48 for the 208 PureTech and RM10,419.10 for the 508 SW THP wagon. The 5008 seven-seater SUV – which was just launched last month – is now RM9,816.11 less expensive, at RM164,071.89.

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On top of these prices, Naza is also offering Raya rebates on all but the 5008, ranging from RM1,000 for the 3008 to a whopping RM45,000 for the 508 SW, bringing the price of the big wagon down to RM129,091.59. At the other end of the spectrum, the 208 PureTech receives a RM12,000 discount, retailing at RM70,179.69.

Also on offer are the 508 THP, 508 GT and Traveller MPV used during last year’s SEA Games, retailing at RM117,294.72, RM141,472.21 and RM149,333.33 respectively.