Developed from its experience at the pinnacle of two-wheeled motorsport, MotoGP, Petronas Lubricants Marketing Malaysia (PLMM) held a media preview of the new Petronas Sprinta with Ultraflex motorcycle lubricant. Coming in fully-synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral and scooter grades, pricing for Petronas Sprinta motorcycle lubricants starts at RM15 per litre.

This is the price for the base Petronas Sprinta F100 SAE 40 mineral oil, designed for riders on a budget and with a small displacement motorcycle. Moving up the mineral oil range, the multigrade F300 SAE 20W-40 and 15W-40 retail at RM18 and RM24, respectively.

For the semi-synthetic Petronas Sprinta F700, pricing is RM35 per litre bottle of 10W-40 and 15W-50. Meanwhile, the fully-synthetic Petronas Sprinta F900 which comes in a choice of 10W-40 and 15W-50 grades and is priced at RM67 per litre.

For scooter riders, Petronas provides the Petronas Sprinta A700 10W-40 semi-synthetic, specifically designed for scooter automatic gearboxes and priced at RM33 per litre while riders in East Malaysia should add RM1 per litre for pricing for all grades. The new Petronas Sprinta with Ultraflex motorcycle lubricant range will go on sale at Petronas Mesra stations and authorised PLMM dealer workshops nationwide from mid-November.

International launching of Petronas Sprinta with Ultraflex in India and Thailand will take place in the first quarter of 2020. Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries will have Petronas Sprinta with Ultraflex made available in stages.