PLUS Malaysia Berhad will no longer provide Touch ‘n Go reload facilities at all toll exit lanes under its management beginning tomorrow, November 5, 2019. The move to halt card reloading activity at toll exits is aimed at reducing congestion at all toll plazas between Hutan Kampung and and Ipoh Utara for the northern region and between Seremban and Skudai for the southern region, the company said.

Customer service centres and reload facilities at selected highway entry toll plazas are still being provided and will continue operating as usual, PLUS said. The decision to stop Touch ‘n Go reload services at the exit booths is to ensure the safety of PLUS customer service personnel as there have been cases of heavy vehicles crashing into toll booths, says PLUS. To date, there have been 81 cases of heavy vehicles crashing into toll booths between 2016 and 2018, it noted.

The highway operator announced that it has attained a 48.2% reduction in traffic congestion at its central region toll plaza exit lanes since it ended the Touch ‘n Go reload service at these locations from August 1 this year. Based on its statistics, approximately 8% from the daily traffic average in the northern region and 9% from the average in the southern region contributed to unnecessary delays due to insufficient balance in their cards. An instance of a reload process takes three minutes on average, PLUS said.

The number of drivers topping their cards at exit lanes was reduced by 60% within the last three months, it said. PLUS advised its customers to plan their journeys and ensure sufficient balance in contained in their Touch ‘n Go cards before entering highways. The highway operator is also working with Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd to ensure that all Touch ‘n Go kiosks are in good working condition at all times, it said.

PLUS moved all 94 toll plazas away from accepting cash payments to electronic operation in April 2017, which is 300% quicker than the manual cash transaction system, said PLUS at the time. Currently, there are over 11,000 Touch ‘n Go reload facilities nationwide in ATMs, petrol stations, convenience stores, rest areas and shopping malls among other locations, PLUS noted.