As the descendant of a long line of iconic London taxis, the TX4’s identity is inexorably tied to Britain’s capital, having served commuters there for the better part of a decade. But now, the defunct black cab is getting a new lease of life, a new stamp on its passport and a new home in the Land of Smiles.

That’s because Geely Commercial Vehicles (GCV), which owns the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) that previously built the TX4 as the London Taxi Company (and currently builds the new TX that has replaced it), is bringing it to Thailand as its first offering in Southeast Asia. Assembled by Asia Cab, the TX4 is the first in what is set to be a full range of commercial vehicles to be sold in the region.

Maintaining its 2,883 mm wheelbase and tall 1,823 mm height, the TX4 retains the bulbous design that has made it a recognisable part of London’s landscape, as well as its unique 1+2+3 seating configuration. However, it ditches its 2.5 litre VM Motori diesel engine in favour of a “modern” petrol mill, although GCV hasn’t released any specifics as yet. Chinese-built models use a 2.4 litre Mitsubishi petrol unit.

This, of course, isn’t the first time the TX4 has made an appearance in the region – it was also sold in Singapore, back when it was made by LEVC’s predecessor London Taxis International (LTI). That company was liquidated in 2013 and sold to Geely. The TX4 has also seen service in continental Europe, Australia and the Middle East as well as major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou.