The launch of the X253 Mercedes-Benz GLC facelift and C253 GLC Coupe facelift earlier today also saw Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) officially introducing the Mercedes me connect service – or MMC – in the country. The digital connectivity platform, which will allow Mercedes-Benz owners to stay connected and in sync with their vehicles, makes its debut on the GLC and will be introduced to upcoming models in 2020.

Available through the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store, the Mercedes me connect app will provide access to a suite of connected services once the vehicle is activated on the Mercedes me portal.

The MMC-enabled vehicles will carry a SIM card running either a Celcom or Maxis LTE data connection, as well as two physical buttons above the rear-view mirror – SOS E-call for emergency situations and Mercedes me to contact Mercedes-Benz Customer Care Centre.

Aside from the emergency call system and accident recovery/breakdown management, standard services include access to data related to telediagnostics (which keeps track of diagnostics-capable wear and tear components) and maintenance management as well as over-the-air software updates for the system.

The system also provides a host of remote services, including remote start, remote door lock/unlock, remote retrieval of vehicle status, Speedfencing (for parents to set a threshold vehicle speed, and receive app notifications if exceeded) and Valet Protect (set a virtual boundary).

Other connected services include an on-the-move vehicle tracker, park vehicle locator function, vehicle settings personalisation and predictive navigation. Live traffic information for the on-board maps (latest maps now available through the MMC portal) will also be introduced next year.

Access to standard services such as the emergency call system and telediagnostics will remain free for the lifetime of the vehicle, but remote services (such as remote start and navigation, etc) will not, although MBM is providing a three-year free subscription with the purchase of a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle that is MMC-capable. The company says that a paid option to extend access to remote services is on the cards, but pricing has not been worked out yet.

Meanwhile, customers with Mercedes-Benz vehicles built after 2002 without connected functionality will still be able to enjoy the experience of connected features through the use of the Mercedes me Adapter.

The unit is a retrofit telematics solution consisting of an adapter, an application and integration into the central Mercedes-Benz systems. It is inserted into the diagnostics interface – in this case, the OBD2 connector port – of the vehicle.

While it does not have the entire raft of services available under Mercedes me connect (it doesn’t have an on-board SIM card, hence no live connectivity), the Mercedes me Adapter and its dedicated application – which is different than that for the Mercedes me connect – will still provide owners of older Mercedes models plenty of valuable information.

These include data about the vehicle’s status such as fuel level, mileage and parking location. Additionally, a Cockpit Mode provides with live vehicle data such as engine load, oil temperature and average speed. A car healthcare monitor function provides relevant info in case of warning lights from the vehicle come up.

Owners will also be able to access trip and refueling lists, with the ability to export and edit data, and search for and book service appointments. The Mercedes me Adapter is priced at RM250 and will be available from dealerships in the first quarter of 2020.