TAS 2020: Honda Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser – Modulo reimagines the EK9 Civic Type R for 2020

TAS 2020: Honda Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser – Modulo reimagines the EK9 Civic Type R for 2020

We showed you the beautiful Honda S2000 20th Anniversary Prototype from the Honda Access (Modulo) 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon booth earlier, and here’s the other half of the pie called nostalgia. This is an EK9 Honda Civic Type R, but unlike the S2K, it’s no restomod.

Instead, this concept car – officially called the Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser 2020 – is a 1997 hot hatchback reimagined for 2020. No details, so all the below are our observations. Familiar EK hatch shape aside, the overall feel here is rather “cyber” all right, perhaps due to the colour scheme and LED lighting.

TAS 2020: Honda Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser – Modulo reimagines the EK9 Civic Type R for 2020

While still unmistakably EK, the face of the CNJ actually sports a new bumper with reshaped grille and lower vents – for the latter, the side ones are sharper and bolder than the original Type R’s, and there’s some gloss black trim for contrast. Most of the organic-shaped headlamps have been shaded away by body colour, but there’s an LED outline.

At the side, two strips of gloss black run the length of the wheelbase, and slim/sharp wing mirrors have replaced the original items. Those 17-inch wheels are taken from the current Honda Insight – here, the blade-style rims are painted all black save for “STI pink” Civic logos.

The rear end sees the most change. Like the headlamps, the tail lamps have been blanked out, save for a red LED outline. The EK9 had its number plate recess on the tailgate, but this has been moved to the bumper. Instead, a black strip runs through the full width of the rear, cutting into the lights even. This bar has an illuminated Civic logo. The exhaust tips have been rerouted to the far edges of the bumper.

Funnily, the Civic logo on the hatch is different from the one on the wheels and headlamps, which are funky and “cyber”, perhaps. Inside, the 90s-style dashboard of the EK has been made modern by touch panel AC controls and an ana-digi instrument cluster taken from the S660. Three pedals, a gear stick and classic Recaros are welcome throwbacks.

The EK9 was the first Civic to get the Type R badge in 1997. The Japan-only model’s B16B 1.6 litre VTEC engine made 185 PS and 160 Nm. The stripped and strengthened hatch had red Recaros and a three-spoke Momo steering wheel in its spartan cabin. It was first and last Civic Type R hatchback to be made in Japan – EP3 onwards, all came from the UK.

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  • Jeremy on Jan 12, 2020 at 8:43 am

    Kesian these Japanese brands. To feel something proud about themselves, they had to bring out their old and obsoleted cars that used to be their top achievements. Emphasise: USED TO. What a pity.

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  • The legend on Jan 12, 2020 at 9:15 pm

    BEST of the BEST

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  • Adam Lavictoire on Aug 16, 2021 at 11:30 am

    I love this. I’ve owned my 2000 Civic coupe for 17yrs. Constantly making changes and upgrades. From adding an usb port, to installing a 2005 Instrumental panel. I wish I could know more about this build. To help me with my own. Like the headlights :)

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