Harman has launched the world’s first active road noise cancellation system for a production vehicle in partnership with Hyundai, which will first debut on the Genesis GV80 SUV. The system – dubbed Road-Noise Active Noise Control (RANC) – reduces the in-cabin noise level by cancelling out unwanted sounds originating from the tyres and road surfaces while driving.

Based on Harman’s HALOsonic suite of noise management technologies, system works by first collecting reference signals received from acceleration sensors placed strategically along the vehicle’s suspension and chassis.

The data is then sent to the RANC control processor, which then predicts noise transferred into the cabin and to generate an anti-noise wave in real-time. The whole process, from data collection to analysis and the generation of the anti-noise, is said to take mere milliseconds.

Also present are error microphones that constantly monitor the system’s performance in each seat location to ensure a more pleasant ride for all vehicle occupants. In operation, the RANC system works in a similar fashion to what you’ll get with active noise-cancelling headphones, albeit applied to the cabin of a car.

According to the company, the need for such a system comes from the increased size and therefore weight of modern cars. Additionally, drivers’ preference for cars with sharper handling and better fuel efficiency have resulted in stiffer suspensions and wide low-profile tyres being used, which create more road noise.