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With the 2020 Proton X70 set to be launched soon, many are curious about just what is new with the locally-assembled (CKD) version, especially in the specs department. Well, here are a couple of leaked images of the CKD X70 as well as a slide listing down the variants and features, as seen on The Ajerul‘s Facebook page.

There are four variants and they are the Standard 2WD, Executive 2WD, Premium 2WD and Premium 2WD X. This means that the Executive AWD, currently the sole variant with all-wheel drive, has been dropped, possibly due to low demand. Before we dive into the specs, let’s see what’s new, visually.

It’s clear that the CKD X70 looks pretty much similar to the CBU version that we’re familiar with – this isn’t the Boyue Pro with the new face. The easiest way to spot a CKD is by the new Proton logo on the grille, which is a round one with the tiger head zooming out from one side. The rear end with the trademark Proton script looks identical, as are the lighting at both ends.

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Nice colour, isn’t it? This looks like a new grey colour (Honda’s Polished Metal-style?) that should prove to be popular. The current CBU colours are Snow White, Armour Silver, Jet Grey, Cinnamon Brown and Flame Red.

The other two images are close up shots of the SUV’s interior. As expected, the steering wheel boss now features Proton’s new round logo, and the gear selector is also new. Now with a prominent P button, the lever controls the new seven-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, which replaces the CBU’s six-speed torque converter automatic. We’ve already sampled this new gearbox, and you can learn more about it here.

That’s all from the images. We move on to the leaked slide, which details the CKD X70’s variants and specs. Once again, there are four – Standard 2WD, Executive 2WD, Premium 2WD and Premium 2WD X. The new items are comfort and convenience features.

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A recline function for the 60:40 split-folding rear seats is now available across the board, while the Executive 2WD onwards get a powered tailgate and front ventilated seats. The latter would be rather valuable in our hot climate. The powered tailgate gets a foot sensor from the Premium onwards – this means that you can open the hatch with your hands full – just stand there and swipe or “kick” (we’ll see how Proton’s version work) below the bumper.

That’s all for the new kit. The Premium X is essentially the Premium with the panoramic sunroof. A big glass roof is appreciated by some, but not everyone fancies it – X70 customers can now choose if they want it.

The engine – a 1.8 litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 184 PS – remains the same, but peak torque has been given a bump to 300 Nm from 1,750 to 4,000 rpm, which is 15 Nm more than the previous 285 Nm from 1,700 to 4,400 rpm.

The increased torque comes as part of a revision of the engine, internally referred to as Generation 3 (the one in the CBU X70 is known as the Generation 2). There aren’t any mechanical changes, save for updated emissions equipment that can be tuned to meet new Euro 6d regulations. The DCT has a maximum torque rating of 330 Nm, so 300 Nm is within limits.

As used in Geely and Volvo models, this DCT is claimed to have class-leading efficiency – Geely says it actually benchmarked Volkswagen’s dry clutch DSGs (which provide lower driveline losses than Wolfsburg’s wet clutch units) here, with an overall efficiency figure of 94.6% and a maximum figure of 97%. The latter number is close to a good old-fashioned manual gearbox, and is also much higher than Aisin’s eight- (88%) and six-speed (89%) autos. Full story on the new gearbox here.

Not long now. What do you think of the new features of the CKD X70 such as the DCT, ventilated seats and powered tailgate?