Saya adalah pemilik dashcam utk kejadian semalam. Sila abaikan tarikh dashcam sbb saya tidak set tarikh. Kejadian sebenar adalah sebuah jazz biru yg berlumba dgn myvi putih. Myvi putih lepas tu pecut ke 1st lane Dan kembali ke 3rd lane & langgar civic menyebabkan budak dalam civic tu tercampak keluar kereta. Ini video complete utk menjelaskan kejadian semalam. Tq

Posted by Alan Chang on Isnin, 10 Februari 2020

Seriously, nothing is too bizarre when it comes to road incidents in Malaysia. In this latest viral video, a kid was sent flying out of a car as a result of some highway racing. Captured by the dashcam of one Alan Chang, the incident happened at KM235.5 of the North South Expressway near Pedas Linggi in Negeri Sembilan, northbound.

In the 3.40pm incident, we see a blue first-gen Honda Jazz (mistakenly reported elsewhere as a Perodua Myvi) on the fast lane, being chased by an actual white Perodua Myvi. Alan’s car gave way to the duelling hatchbacks, before they get bunched up behind an old Honda Civic.

The chasing Myvi driver decided to take advantage of traffic and made his move, cutting into the slowest lane and accelerating hard to jump the queue. As the Myvi swerved back into the fast lane, he collided with another car and/or the armco and that accident left a child flung out onto the highway. Yes, a child lying in the middle of the fast lane of the highway!

Fortunately, the Jazz managed to avoid the two-year old boy and so did Alan, the dashcam owner. The boy, who was moving and appeared to escape serious injury, was then assisted by other motorists.

According to Rembau district police chief DSP Anuar Bakri Abdul Salam, the incident happened when the car driven by the father of the child was sideswiped by a Myvi that suddenly changed lanes.

“It was found that the child’s father was driving on the fast lane before being sideswiped by a Myvi, which led him to lose control and crash into the armco. The car then spun and hit another Myvi that was travelling in the middle lane, and because of that, the boy was flung out into the fast lane and suffered minor injuries,” he said, adding that the child is being treated at Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, Seremban.

The cop says that they are trying to track down the “blue Myvi driver”. The blue car appears to be a Honda Jazz, and while the police are at it, they should also look for the driver of the white Myvi, as it was he who made “the move”. Alan, the dashcam owner, clarified that the child was an occupant in the Civic that we saw early in the clip.

This could have turned into a real tragedy if the cars behind could not react in time. Don’t just gawk at this video and treat it as entertainment. Instead, let it be a reminder to not drive like a maniac on the road and race on the highway, or any public road for that matter – keep the duels in the virtual world, where no one gets hurt if you screw up.

Also, although the Civic was an unfortunate “bystander”, the part where the child was flung out of the car could have been avoided if he was properly strapped into a child seat.

Parents, a child safety seat is a worthwhile investment, and this video should convince you to get one, if you haven’t already done so. Guys, rein in that aggression and don’t feel so easily “challenged” on the road – easier said than done of course, but just letting it slide is the way to go. Drive safe.

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