It turns out that people in the UK are still looking to buy cars despite being in lockdown, and are doing so by calling up dealerships. According to Autocar, Vauxhall boss Stephen Norman believes that the lockdown will encourage people to embrace a new phone-based direct sales system, and he’s confident it will remain effective in the long run.

Norman is apparently so invested in the project that he is rushing to put in place a phone-based direct sales system, and is personally spending two hours a day answering phone calls from potential new Vauxhall customers.

“Even when we’re clear of the epidemic, I believe retailing will never go back to the way it was. I expect car buyers to keep doing what we’re encouraging them to do now — phone the company, get a response from a human being who can guide them through the process, then carry on their business through the retail network in the usual way,” he said, adding that the new trend won’t make dealers irrelevant.

Norman believes the trend, which had already arrived in the food and clothing industries, will be coming to the car industry very soon. He expects the phone-based sales system to be working through next year, but emphasised that “we have to be very careful not to take the fun out of car purchase. It’d be a disaster if we let it become boring.” Tell us, would you prefer buying cars like this?