Face masks now optional indoors, but still compulsory when taking public transport and e-hailing rides – KKM

Face masks now optional indoors, but still compulsory when taking public transport and e-hailing rides – KKM

Health minister Khairy Jamaluddin has announced that face masks are now optional indoors, effective immediately. Masks have been optional outdoors for some time now, but now you can walk into a mall without the covering, for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

However, the wearing of face masks is still compulsory if you are taking public transport, which includes trains, buses and e-hailing rides. This also includes flights, school buses and factory buses (or vans). You’re also required to mask up if you’re Covid-19 positive, or if you’re in a hospital, clinic, healthcare facility or hemodialysis centre. Remember this and always keep a mask with you.

KKM is still encouraging the use of face masks when one is in a crowded place such as the pasar malam, stadium, shopping mall or place of worship. Those who exhibit flu-like symptoms and high-risk individuals (elderly, chronic disease, low immunity, pregnant women) are also encouraged to continue wearing masks.

In addition, a premise will be entirely within their rights to choose to enforce mask-wearing if they wish to do so, so you will still need to bring a mask around in case.

Face masks now optional indoors, but still compulsory when taking public transport and e-hailing rides – KKM

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  • Danny, one point not covered in your article – KJ said premise owners can also decide to continue imposing the mask wearing rule if they felt its risky, e.g. the barber shop can still say No Mask No Entry.

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    • Lolwhut? on Sep 08, 2022 at 10:21 am

      No Mask No Entry but once go in barber says remove mask before cut hair. LOL!

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  • haha…
    Many already predicted months back and not wearing masks walk into 7-11/Family..etc
    the elder generation stop wearing one walking to their usual kopitiam and sit down taking a sip and puff.

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  • ROTI CANAI on Sep 07, 2022 at 8:24 pm

    the shop owners that deny entry will be attacked

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    • KJ, No More Rembau Rep GE15 on Sep 07, 2022 at 10:40 pm

      KJ should specify in detail,mask mandate compulsory at specific places 1.Barbers/hair salloons 2.Schools 3.Kindies 4. Children Daycares.etc.
      Never ,never leave it to business owners.
      Imagine,a hot tempered dude with no mask entering a shopping centre,suddenly decided to visit a barber,but abruptly told by the conservative barber to mask up…can KJ be around to prevent a fight or quarrel ?
      KJ is making a sloppy decision,without due diligence.Perhaps,after being told to vacate Rembau..he needs to score cheap political points.,by pleasing the mask haters.
      Have all the below 5 years old ,received a single vaccine? Our adult booster jabs is only 50% compared to Spore’s 90%.Why blindly follow our neighbour?Spore Ok gay union..u wanna follow?

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      • Angry Voters on Sep 08, 2022 at 10:30 am

        Hello PH trooper. Are you an idiot?

        We already moved towards endemic so following WHO recommendations and all other countries SOP in endemic phase, wearing mask is no longer compulsory. Just look at your cherished Singapore for example. You think they care when cases shot up again. You only know to complain here and blah blah blah rinse & repeat ad nauseating.

        When implement strict rules you complain when rules are loosened you complain. Apa lagi mau?

        To scam the Rakyat sampai m*mpos?

        No point to complain and say PH could do better. They did not, and KJ’s management with support from Dr Noor Hisham has weathered us from the worst. You want to be afraid and stay lock down? You are welcomed to migrate to Shanghai or Hong Kong whichever floats the boat that will bring you there.

        So tell me, what is your blabbering all about from this matter?

        Don’t eat too much dedak for your F paycheck.

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        • Ajibkor from Kajang on Sep 08, 2022 at 2:26 pm

          I m Boosku…court cluster,dude.Dont simply attack PH,blindly.
          Bossku around,he is more accomodative.He semua boleh bincang.Not like the cabinet cluster.

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          • Amran on Sep 09, 2022 at 3:10 am

            Bossku in prison still can troll here like normal? Ye lah tu. Nak tipu kita pun agak2 lah.

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      • If you can’t move on with your life, I advise you to just stay at your cave, don’t go anywhere, plant your own vege, feed your own chicken, there’s no Covid in your house.

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        • Ajibkor from Kajang on Sep 08, 2022 at 2:23 pm

          Yep..I m staying next to your bossku,in a 8ft by 8 ft cave.

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          • Atas u kata u bossku, bawah u kata u jiran bossku. Ler konfuis u ni sape?

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        • PH Supporter on Sep 08, 2022 at 2:42 pm

          Bro i’m sorry on behalf of that bodoh. Pls know that most of us are racist or gullible like him and his dupes… we cannot avoid our nature after all.

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  • Mover on Sep 12, 2022 at 8:08 pm

    I unmasked myself the first day of announcement and walked the malls like a king. If you cant be sure you can mask up for 100 years of your life, pls shut up so tht you can silently unmask yourself the next month or year. Just like those bunch of idiot scolding ppl going out when MCO just lifted. Now? Those angry bunch roam the malls and cafe pretending they got a knock on their head and lost memory of what theybsaid before to others. Covid will be like HIV, here to stay even after you rot in your box hundreds of yrs frm now. Nature selection has selected those who unfit. Move on.

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