The movement control order (MCO) hasn’t been easy for everyone, being stuck at home as a result of the stay put directive. Cabin fever isn’t a pretty thing, and so when there’s a chance to go out and grab some essentials or food, the drive is often more than not rather liberating.

Now, couple that to primarily empty roads as a result of everyone else being at home, and it can be one of two things – a quick drive to get what you need, or a quick drive to get what you need, the latter not having anything to do with barang. When you have a supercar, the temptation to floor it under such conditions is surely a hard thing to resist, and sometimes, stupid things happen.

Such was the case earlier this week, when a chap in a Lamborghini Huracan was out and about somewhere in Petaling Jaya, presumably on the way to get some groceries or tapau some food. Never mind that the car was travelling quite rapidly on a main road in a housing area. Still all within control, and boys, well, will be boys.

Rounding the bend, the Huracan arrived at speed right on top of a Perodua Viva heading in the same direction, ambling along, as Vivas tend to. Nothing to it, right, what with momentum and plenty of ponies? Never mind again that there was a double white line. A stab of the throttle and a swift flick of the steering to the right later, and that would have been that, with no tale to tell.

Except there is, and that’s because the driver of the Viva started making a right turn at a junction at the moment the Lambo was attempting to overtake it. The result wasn’t pretty, the supercar crashing into the Perodua with such ferocity much of the bottom rear end of the Viva vanished as a result of the impact. Despite the carnage, no one ended up getting hurt. Even more luckily, no one was seated at the back of the Viva.

Police reports were made, but that’s not where the story ends. According to news reports, the owner of the Viva is a woman who operates a home-cooked meal delivery service business. At the time of the accident, her sister was driving the car, on her way to collect lunch boxes as well as purchase food supplies. The woman, a single mother of three, added that usually her kids would accompany her on delivery rounds, but MCO restrictions had temporarily put a stop to that.

The accident meant the woman lost her delivery vehicle, a crucial tool in ensuring her livelihood. Bad luck, at the worst possible time? Well, yes, but there’s a silver lining, because she’s back in business with a new delivery vehicle, all courtesy of the guy who totaled her Viva.

Hearing of her plight, the Lamborghini owner apparently bought the woman a Myvi to replace her wrecked car, owning up to his mistake with a kind deed. We’re wondering about the purchase arrangement, since both Puspakom and JPJ are offline as a result of the MCO, but let’s not spoil the tale. All’s well that ends well. Nonetheless, the advice remains – drive safe, and remember, you’re never as fast as you think you can be.