UMW Toyota Motor has published a rather interesting video on its Facebook page. Touting the six-month moratorium or payment holiday Toyota Capital Malaysia (TCM) is providing its customers – despite TCM not being a bank and just a credit service provider – the video features an A90 Supra zooming around an empty world, from darkness to light.

“The world may turn around without warning, but you know for a fact that even in the darkest of nights, we will always be by your side, till we reach the light at the end of the tunnel. We will come back stronger together,” is the message shown on the video.

The red Supra drives through a deserted Times Square (New York is the hardest hit city in the world now), a dark tunnel, and finally, emerging to a lovely B road with the sun shining. Now how lovely does that sound, especially now.

Following Bank Negara Malaysia’s initiative on March 25 that instructed banks to grant a six-month deferment for all loans, TCM offered its individual and SME customers the payment holiday from April 1 to September 30 this year. Going strictly by the rules, TCM didn’t have to.

“We are doing our part in easing the financial constraints of our customers arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and remain committed in supporting the economy during these exceptional circumstances,” the company said in a FAQ.

The only condition to be eligible for the moratorium is customers must not have any outstanding payments for more than 90 days at April 1. Customers who qualify will automatically benefit from the payment pause, with no action required, but those who wish to opt out will have to inform TCM. The scheme will not impact the customer’s records with TCM, CCRIS or other financial reports.

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