The government via the transport ministry has released official guidelines for motorcycle riders delivering food, drinks and parcels, booked via online apps, which are now officially categorised as “p-hailing”.

A statement released by transport minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong today says the guidelines were drawn up as the ministry is concerned about the health and safety of consumers and public transport staff. Delivery services have grown in importance in this movement control order (MCO) period enacted to resist the Covid-19 pandemic. The guidelines are as follows, translated into English by The Star.

  • Riders are advised against using inter-state highways to travel further than 10 km and must adhere to advisories by the National Security Council (NSC), including avoiding red zones. It is compulsory for riders to use only gazetted motorcycle lanes, where possible, while wearing clearly visible attire.
  • All riders must carry with them at all times authorisation letters from their employers or the relevant local authority.
  • All p-hailing riders must download and register themselves under the mySejahtera app, which is by the NSC, as further validation for enforcement personnel. (more info at
  • Operating hours for riders are limited between 8am to 8pm every day under the MCO. Other operating hours and permitted delivery items are subject to zonal restrictions and regulations stipulated by the NSC.
  • All operators and riders must use proper social distancing and contactless transaction practices. These include wearing face masks, using hand sanitisers and frequently washing hands after making each delivery.
  • Riders are to sanitise their delivery boxes daily according to guidelines by the health ministry.
  • If an employee is found to be infected with Covid-19, the employer must fully assist the health ministry to manage the employee and carry out contact tracing.
  • For p-hailing services registered with a local authority, any rider that contracts Covid-19 or shows symptoms must immediately take the necessary steps to self-isolate and cease to provide delivery services.
  • All businesses must ensure that their riders have the appropriate insurance coverage, with their motorcycles in safe working condition.
  • All riders must be at least 18 years of age, possess a valid driver’s licence and not blacklisted by the JPJ and PDRM.
  • All riders must adhere to general traffic regulations, such as by wearing motorcycle helmets. Boxes carried by p-hailing motorcycle riders must also adhere to dimensions and usage as prescribed by the JPJ.

With the guidelines in place, the transport ministry hopes that Malaysians will have confidence that their food and parcels are safe and clean, without risk of contamination in the current pandemic situation, the statement read. No mention of Covid-19 swab tests for riders, though. Riders should expect feedback from their respective platforms soon.

These guidelines are for p-hailing riders only, as e-hailing car drivers already have existing guidelines of their own. Queries can be directed to the transport ministry via email (, WhatsApp (019-2907723), phone (1800-88-7723 from 8am to 8pm) or a special microsite (