Mazda has begun teasing the third-generation BT-50 pick-up truck, which will make its global debut on June 17, replacing its predecessor that has been around for nearly a decade.

The Japanese carmaker is being coy about the details for now, but we do know that the new BT-50 will be the product of a collaboration with Isuzu that was announced back in 2016. As such, Mazda’s upcoming pick-up truck will have a lot in common with the current D-Max, which was revealed back in October 2019.

Be that as it may, the BT-50 will not be a carbon copy for the D-Max, as Mazda will give its pick-up truck unique styling cues to differentiate the two models. The shadowy vehicle seen in the teaser doesn’t reveal a whole lot, so we’ll have to rely on Theophilus Chin’s handiwork (posted below) to get some idea of what the finished product might look like.

Aside from the shared platform, the BT-50 should get the same engine 1.9 litre and 3.0 litre four-cylinder turbodiesels already in use in the D-Max. In terms of output, the former RZ4E-TC mill makes 150 PS and 350 Nm of torque, while the larger 4JJ3-TCX 3.0 litre engine serves up 190 PS and 450 Nm of torque.

As the D-Max comes in a number of body styles – two-door single cab, four-door extended cab and four-door double cab – the BT-50 is expected to follow suit. We’ll only know the whole story when Mazda reveals its latest pick-up truck in a few days’ time, so stay tuned.