Bridgestone is collaborating with Microsoft for the development of a real-time, tyre damage monitoring system; a world-first, says the tyre and rubber products manufacturer. This is a serious matter, says Bridgestone, as tyre damage contributes to 30% of all car accidents caused by technical failure.

Tyre problems comes n four main forms, says Bridgestone – these are inadequate pressure, fatigue, irregular wear and damage from kerbs, potholes or foreign objects on the road. Modern vehicles already have tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) to warn drivers of low tyre pressure situations, however tyre damage has been less easily detected without close, manual inspection.

The Tyre Damage Monitoring System by Bridgestone enables real-time awareness of tyre damage by using the cloud framework of the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MVCP), together with existing sensor data from pre-installed hardware, to detect events affecting the tyre surface and carcass. The driver can then be immediately notified of the hazard and act accordingly to correct the situation.

There is no other equivalent tyre monitoring system currently available on the market, and alternatives would require additional hardware to be installed, says Bridgestone. This system also can understand the location of tyre damage occurrence, in addition to when the damage has occurred, the company added.

This grants broader insight into road conditions and infrastructure, which can then be used to alert local agencies responsible to the presence and location of potholes and other road hazards, says Bridgestone. Future vehicles with autonomous driving technologies also stand to benefit from this system, where the vehicles can relay this information to other road users in the area as well as adding to the cloud database.

Currently, the Tyre Damage Monitoring System is available to all vehicle fleets and original equipment manufacturers which use the MVCP. In addition to tyre monitoring, this provides a cloud-connected horizontal platform upon which solutions such as in-vehicle infotainment, advanced navigation, autonomous driving, telematics and prediction services as well as over-the-air (OTA) updates can be provided.

Bridgestone has the opportunity to bring the Tyre Damage Monitoring System to millions of drivers by teaming up with Microsoft, offering road users better safety and peace of mind, said CEO and president of Bridgestone EMIA Laurent Dartoux.